I’m gonna treat myself

to the all inclusive experience

Find myself

Showering in the moonlight

watching life in the streets 

with one ruptured lung

an air of culture washes over me

and a man at the bar says:

why are you silent?


psychotic compulsion

not joking but never really sure

all are doomed for silence

once twice or never

I spend my leisure time staring at the tv set

fighting in the forest

with no destination faced

can I wear my new skirt

maybe if I squirt some blood on it

A slum clearance programme

a day of rest

exposure to silence

that’s excellent results

success will come to you 

success will come to you

with the least possible delay

do you feel the pressure?

just be yourself

have faith in humanity

I’m trying affection


I love myself

are you looking for empathy?

or sweetcore?

your summer is not like mine

my leisure time is spent

in popular clubs

and on ball games

play on grass

or hard courts

time is just as important

as the contemplation

of all these monuments

you’re ultimately responsible

for your loss

we will play again

and lose every week

you’re in pennsylvania

it’s a cross country race

cinema clubs

tender loin

throwing bottles

and suffering at noon

success will come to you 

I’m fainting

Do you wanna meet up sometime?

Hey how are you?

Oblivion is my companion

Losing every day

Success will come to you

2019 Video and sound


 2020 Video and sound


People say it's a mess

cause it's a mess

A lifetime of regrets

it's a mess

My client told me

'Stop yourself you're a mess'

He lied to me

and stole my muscular strength

Drive to Twin Falls

windows down

to a dive bar in a west end town

Make an entrance

make a mess

introduce the concept of preliminary stress

It's a terrible mess

It's a terrible mess

It's a terrible mess

Esoterical mess

Friday night

lights are out

hold your breath

guard your mouth

Picture the mess that was left in the basement

come to the front door

we'll build a relation

Your memory is a treasury climate

conflating pleasure with sensory kindness

I've surrendered myself to worn-out devices

It's a terrible mess

What a terrible mess

It's a terrible mess

Esoterical mess

Forget the obligations

go to bed

Work in progress